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Welcome to Jay Bhavani Clayton, your ultimate destination for authentic Indian street food in Clayton. Nestled in Clayton, For those looking for the real deal when it comes to India’s street food gems, our restaurant is a haven. The vibrant world of Indian street food, where flavours dance on your taste buds and aromas tantalise your senses. Step into Jay Bhavani, nestled in the heart of Clayton, and embark on a culinary journey through the bustling streets of India.

At Jay Bhavani, we pride ourselves on serving authentic Indian street food that captures the essence of the country’s diverse culinary landscape. From the spicy tang of chaats to the savoury goodness of dosas, every dish is a celebration of India’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Start your gastronomic adventure with our signature dish, the iconic vada pav. Sink your teeth into a soft pav bun stuffed with a crispy potato vada, slathered with tangy chutneys. Or perhaps you’d prefer the fiery kick of our pav bhaji, a medley of mashed vegetables cooked in aromatic spices, served with buttered pav bread.

Craving something lighter? Dive into a plate of tangy and refreshing bhel puri, a delectable combination of puffed rice, diced vegetables, and tangy tamarind chutney. For those seeking a heartier meal, our assortment of dosas, from classic masala dosa to cheesy paneer dosa, are sure to satisfy.

We invite you to explore a rainbow of flavours, including the well-known Vadapav, the fragrant Pav Bhaji, and a variety of mouthwatering chaats. Every mouthful captures the variety of flavours and rich history present throughout India’s busy streets.

Embark on an eating journey where Chinese delicacies merge seamlessly with the sizzle of dosas, offering a fusion that celebrates diversity. Our menu is a variety of aromatic spices and bold flavours crafted to transport you to the lively streets of Mumbai or Delhi right here in Clayton.

At Jay Bhavani, we pride ourselves on recreating the bustling street food tradition, infusing it with warmth and authenticity. Whether you crave the tang of chaat or the comforting spices of pav bhaji, each dish is a symphony of taste.

Experience the true essence of Indian street food in Melbourne at Jay Bhavani Clayton. At Jay Bhavani, each dish is crafted with love and care, using traditional recipes passed down through generations. So come, join us, and let your taste buds experience the magic of Indian street food right here in Clayton. Savour every flavour, and discover a melting pot of culinary wonders at our doorstep.

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