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  • Aloo Bread Pakora (1 pc)

    Aloo Bread Pakora (1 pc)

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  • Bombay Vadapav

    Bombay Vadapav

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  • Butter Dabeli

    Butter Dabeli

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  • Butter Pav Bhaji

    Butter Pav Bhaji

    $15.90 Select options
  • Butter Vadapav

    Butter Vadapav

    $7.90 Select options
  • Cheese Dabeli

    Cheese Dabeli

    $8.50 Select options
  • Cheese Pav Bhaji

    Cheese Pav Bhaji

    $16.90 Select options
  • Cheese Vadapav

    Cheese Vadapav

    $8.90 Select options
  • Chilli Pakora (4 Pc)

    Chilli Pakora (4 Pc)

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  • Exotic Vadapav (JAY BHAVANI SPECIAL)

    Exotic Vadapav (JAY BHAVANI SPECIAL)

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  • Katka Dabeli (JAY BHAVANI SPECIAL)

    Katka Dabeli (JAY BHAVANI SPECIAL)

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  • Masala Pav With Bhaji in Butter

    Masala Pav With Bhaji in Butter

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  • Onion Pakora (6 Pc)

    Onion Pakora (6 Pc)

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  • Paneer Bread Pakora (1 Pc)

    Paneer Bread Pakora (1 Pc)

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  • Potato pakora (8 PC)

    Potato pakora (8 PC)

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  • Samosa Pav

    Samosa Pav

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  • Vada 2pc

    Vada 2pc

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Welcome to our roadside special, where we highlight the delicious charm of the Bombay Vadapav. Imagine a soft bun filled with spiced potatoes, tangy chutneys, and a crunch that’s simply mouthwatering. Our service to this Mumbai street food classic brings the lively flavours of the streets to your plate. Each bite tells a story of tradition and taste, making it a delightful experience.

Treat yourself to the crunchy goodness of Katka Dabeli, a mouthwatering street food sensation filled with a medley of flavours. Dive into the rich and creamy Pav Bhaji, a classic favourite that never fails to satisfy. And don’t miss out on our unique twist with the infusion of Samosa Pav, offering a fusion of textures and tastes in every bite.

Join us in savouring the simplicity and goodness of the Roadside Special, as we celebrate the joy of authentic street food right here at our place. It’s a flavour adventure that captures the essence of the streets!

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