Why jay bhavani Vadapav

The famous vadapav story

Indian street food is most chased and craved by Indians across the nation. Ahmedabad being some of the top locations to offer amazing street food with places like Manek Chowk, Vastrapur, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway and more, offers a variety of range in it. To be specific, food items like “vadapav”, “dabeli”, “momos” and others are best served by a few rare brands out of which the most famous vadapav brand of Ahmedabad is Jay Bhavani Vadapav.

What separates it from other brands of fast food is its quality, services, affordable price, and welcoming vibe. Jay Bhavani Vadapav was first launched in 2004 with cuisines like Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, and street food items. An interesting fact about this brand is that the bestselling food items here are vada pav and dabeli. The brand has always believed in customer satisfaction, bringing it to the leading position in serving street food items nationally and internationally. With ease in its services like the availability of a home delivery option and immediate customer care, the brand has successfully built its trust in people.

Jay Bhavani Vadapav offers vegetarian food items that also accept party and event offers. The fascinating story of the brand began in 1996 when a sudden hit craze for vada pavs in Ahmedabad was observed. The four Rajput brothers of Rajasthan came to Ahmedabad in search of a good living in the year 1994. They first went ahead with starting a lorry at a municipal market to serve a few food items.

The lorry was established with just an amount of ₹4500/- as a loan from a known relative. In 1998, the Rajput brothers thought of sticking to a niche and purchasing a competitor’s vada pav business nearby. The first outlet was purchased by the brothers in 2004 near the GLS college of Ahmedabad. In 2008, one of the four brothers, Mr. Kishan Rajput began his outlet in the Anand Nagar location as the brothers wanted to grow and expand.

The amazing courage and strength shown by the brothers soon brought massive opportunities for them and more outlets in regions like Vastrapur, Bopal, Gurukul and Bodakdev were opened. In 2010, the number of outlets in the city raised to 13 and the brothers were overjoyed with success. With every passing day, customers were overloaded at the place and today, Jay Bhavani is international. In 2014, the idea of giving a part of the brand to a franchise was thought and immediately acted upon with the Palanpur outlet. 

In 2015, the brothers were loaded with inquires for more franchisees. With the next years, a wide number of professional staff and managers were brought for the place. By 2019, the brand reached a number of 151 outlets in Gujarat, Delhi, Udaipur and several other cities and states. In 2021, Jay Bhavani launched itself in Canada and grew the popularity of the brand even more. With delicious and spicy Indian touch to the food items, the brand stands the best among the fastest growing street food item brands in Ahmedabad as well as in the whole nation.